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Frass (Front).HEIC

Frass is the nutrient-rich excrement of our BSFL. With approximately 70% organic matter, our frass contains beneficial microbes and bacteria which is highly favourable for plant growth.

Similar to other forms of compost, BSFL frass also acts as a soil conditioner and enhancer which facilitates the absorption of nutrients and improves overall crop health.

If you’re a farmer, we would highly recommend that you include frass (or any compost) in your fertilisation strategy to maximise crop yield and ensure the long-term fertility of your soil.

We are now supplying farmers cultivating vegetables, palm oil, durian, chilli, jackfruit and pineapple.


Frequently Asked Questions about BioLoop Soldier Frass

  • What are Black Soldier Flies (BSF)?
    Black soldier flies (Hermetia illucens) are a type of fly that are not disease vectors. They do not feed as adults and do not regurgitate food. BSF larvae are voracious feeders and can consume a variety of organic materials such as agricultural waste, food waste, and even animal manure, and other organic materials. This makes them well-suited for sustainable waste management and the production of high-quality protein and oil for animal feed. Utilising BSF for these purposes has the potential to provide eco-friendly and scientifically sound waste management solutions while also supporting sustainable animal nutrition.
  • What is Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) Frass?
    Frass is the solid excrement produced by BSFL during their feeding activities. The composition of BSFL frass depends on the food materials that the larvae are fed. When fed a varied and nutrient-rich diet, BSFL frass is enriched with essential nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and trace minerals. BioLoop Soldier Frass is a nutrient-dense blend of BSFL frass, exoskeleton sheds, and residual digested formulated feed. These components serve as a natural source of nourishment, making BioLoop Soldier Frass a potent ingredient for supercharging your plants.
  • What is the feed source of BSFL?
    BioLoop BSFL is fed with carefully selected food materials, meticulously chosen to provide a nutritionally rich diet that fuels the remarkable transformation of BSFL. Our feedstock includes pre-consumer food and agricultural wastes. As part of our commitment to sustainability and excellence, BioLoop utilizes professionally formulated nutrient-dense feed. And here's the best part: our feed is free from harmful additives, guaranteeing the utmost safety for your plants and the environment.
  • What are the benefits of applying BioLoop Soldier Frass?
    Rich in Essential Nutrients Enhances Soil Fertility Boosts Plant Yield Increases Crops Tolerance and Resistance Supports Microbial Biodiversity Sustainable Waste Management Solution
  • What are the specialties of BioLoop Soldier Frass compared to other animal manure composts?
    Increase the Bioavailability of Essential Nutrients Lesser Heavy Metal Attracts Beneficial Insects Less harmful bacteria Rich in Plant-digestible Chitin
  • What is BioLoop Soldier Frass Nutrient Content?
    BioLoop Soldier Frass is the perfect fertiliser for all your plants. It is rich in essential nutrients, has a neutral pH value, and has a good C:N ratio. It is a natural and sustainable way to fertilise your plants, and it is sure to give your plants the boost they need to grow strong and healthy.
  • What is Plant-digestible Chitin?
    BioLoop Soldier Frass is rich in chitin or known as chitosan, which is derived from the shredded skin of BSFL during molting. Chitin, an N-acetylglucosamine-based polymer (C8H13O5N)n, is the only plant-digestible chitin that provides underrated benefits for plant health and pathogen resistance by building antimicrobial peptides, strengthening the physical barriers of plants, and successively stimulating the growth and activity of beneficial microbes in the soil.
  • What is Organic Matter?
    Organic matter (OM) in BioLoop BSFL Frass is the key to unlocking the power of beneficial microbes in your soil and rejuvenating it. These microbes, such as P solubilizing and proteolytic bacteria, and nitrogen fixation microbes, help to make nutrients more available to plants, leading to healthier, more productive plants. OM also helps to improve soil structure and drainage, which can further boost plant growth.
  • What plants are suitable for BSFL Frass Applications?
    BioLoop BSFL Frass is a versatile, nutrient-rich fertiliser that can be used on farms, home gardens, and even houseplants. It has been shown to significantly increase yields while improving fertiliser management on the plants below: - · Chili · Limau (Lime) · Ciku (Sapodilla) · Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) · Jagung (Maize) · Sawi Putih (Pakchoi) · Basil · Sorghum · Asparagus bean · Onion · Ryegrass · Oil Palm Tree
  • What are the environmental benefits of using black soldier fly frass?
    (1) Lower landfill use BioLoop Soldier Frass utilizes pre-consumer food that may otherwise create waste streams and end up in landfills due to BSFL’s ability to decompose organic waste extremely efficiently. (2) Lower Global Warming Potential BSFL decomposition offers a replacement for incineration, a common method of disposing of food waste treatment that results in a high release of powerful greenhouse gases (GHGs), with useable bioproducts and useful compost for farming. (3) Sustainable Substitute of Nutrients BioLoop Soldier Frass can be used as a partial or complete alternative to standard nutrients by promoting nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium bioavailability while supplying trace elements needed for plants. (4) Reduce Dependence on Non-renewable Agro-materials BSFL Frass is used to replace peat moss as a growing medium and reduce the usage of chemical fertilisers, especially Nitrogen-based fertilisers.
  • Products of BioLoop Soldier Frass
    BioLoop offers two forms of BSFL frass, each with its own unique benefits. (1) Fresh frass The freshest and most potent form of BSFL frass available. It is rich in nutrients and beneficial microbes. (2) Composted mature frass It had undergone a complete composting process of approximately 30 days to sufficiently remove phytotoxins, which makes it a slow-release organic fertiliser that is safe for plants and the environment.
  • How should I store my BSFL Frass?
    BioLoop Soldier Frass should be stored in a ventilated, cool, and dry place.It is important to keep it away from rain and moisture
  • Is BSFL Frass safe for use around children and pets?
    Generally, BioLoop Soldier Frass is safe for use around children and pets. However, it is not intended for consumption and should be kept out of reach of small children, as they may be tempted to eat it.
  • What are the safety concerns associated while applying BioLoop Soldier Frass?
    BSFL frass is generally considered safe to use. However, it is important to note that it can contain small amounts of insect parts. If you are allergic to insects, you may want to wear gloves and a mask when handling BSFL frass.

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