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Our Technology

We constantly innovate and invest in technologies to maximise the efficiency of the insect rearing process.

World-class breeding systems

Our breeding room is the lifeblood of our facility. We need to ensure that the propagation of our Black Soldier Fly (BSF) colony is prioritised, with the necessary fly size, mating frequency and egg yield to support the bioconversion downstream. Equipped with climate systems, modular cages to easily scale production and unique lights with specific wavelengths to encourage mating, we are able to directly control our desired daily egg harvest.

BioLoop trays.jpeg

Space-efficient bioconversion 

Insects are the clear winners amongst all protein sources in using the least amount of land to produce the same amount of protein. At BioLoop, we specifically design our tray systems to make full use of vertical space while maximising the conversion capability of our feedstock into high-value larval protein and frass.

BioLoop Intelligent Feeding System (BIFS)

The BIFS is a turnkey solution which comprises a robotic arm, automated feeder and an array of conveyor belts to control 4 main functions: depalletising, harvesting, feeding and palletising. Individually labour intensive, the combination of these necessary activities represents a barrier to efficiency and scale. BIFS solves that.


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