Insect Protein

Black Soldier Fly Larvae


Naturally found in the diets of many animals, we are reintroducing sustainable insect protein into the feed for our livestock.


In the wild, poultry would forage for insects on the ground and marine animals would consume insects in the water to survive. This comes as no surprise as the go-to fishing baits are worms or insects and, as the saying goes, “the early bird catches the worm”.

Our sustainable, high-quality BSFL contains approximately 40% crude protein, 25% crude fat, 16% total carbohydrate and has a gross energy value of 4400 kcal/kg. And not to worry, the diet of our BSFL is compliant with EU regulations (100% pre-consumer and completely plant-based byproducts)!

Types of Soldier Larvae

 Soldier Dried

The rich aroma of our microwave dried BSFL makes this a perfect supplement to commercial feed or an enticing treat for your beloved pets.

Soldier Frass

Our finely-crushed BSFL meal makes it suitable to be blended into animal feed formulations. Regardless of whether you are a large-scale feed mill or a smallholder farmer mixing your own feed, our Soldier Meal will be easy for you to handle.

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