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Feeding the world sustainably


Feeding The World Sustainably

We pioneer biotechnology systems that maximise the potential of insects for animal and plant nutrition.

Providing nutritious and sustainable food solutions

We deeply believe in the power of Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) as a natural and efficient source of protein that can help address global food security challenges. We are laser-focused on the industrial production of high-quality BSFL that are rich in protein, boast a comprehensive amino acid profile and are high in energy, with a specific emphasis on the livestock industry.  Additionally, the excrement (frass) produced by the BSFL is nutrient-rich and doubles up as organic compost that regenerates the health of the soil and enhances soil fertility.  Our goal is to make nutritious and sustainable food accessible to everyone to promote a more equitable and resilient food system.

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Who We Serve

Revolutionising organic waste management

We are committed to creating a sustainable future by maximising the value of organic waste through a circular economy. Our approach involves the natural use of biotech and BSFL to divert significant amounts of organic waste from landfills and upcycle it into valuable products. This process is multiple times faster than traditional means and results in lower greenhouse gas emissions. By promoting the sustainable use of resources and reduction of waste, we are creating a more resilient waste management system that benefits people, the planet and the economy.

We serve clients across different markets

Whether you're looking to feed your animals with high quality protein, seeking the finest organic fertiliser for your crops, or in need of waste management services, we've got you covered.

Protein for animals

Get your protein fix without harming the planet with insect protein.

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Organic fertiliser for crops

Nourish your plants and the planet with BSFL frass.

Organic waste management

The BSFL we cultivate will happily eat organic waste and upcycle them into nutritious, value-adding products.

 Fly into our sustainable products

We take great care in ensuring our products are high quality, hygienic and have a traceable supply chain.


SDGs are at the top of our minds

Businesses should protect the communities they operate in. At BioLoop, we realise the need to do better, to contribute to the goal of a better future for all. That's why the UN Sustainable Development Goals are encoded in the company's DNA and in everything we do. 

Zero Hunger

Protecting the security of our food chain & promoting sustainable agriculture

Responsible consumption SDG

Our end-to-end process emphasises on waste minimisation

Climate Action SDG

We divert organic waste from landfills and lower GHG emissions

Life below water SDG

We protect marine biodiversity by reducing wild fish in fishmeal

Life on land SDG

We reduce deforestation by replacing soy in chicken feed

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