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Original, Not Alternative

Black Soldier Fly


BioLoop core missions are twofold:

i) Revolutionising organic waste management

We believe there needs to be a fundamental shift in the way we think about waste management. By using biotech and Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL), we can divert significant amounts of organic waste from landfills and upcycle the organic waste into value-adding products. This process is multiple times faster than traditional means and results in lower GHG emissions. 


ii) Feeding society

We aim to bring high quality, sustainable, and organic produce to the market at scale. BSFL as animal feed contains a superior peptide profile compared to soy and maize in chicken feed and low-quality wild fish in fishmeal. Also, BSFL excrement (frass) is nutrient-rich and doubles up as compost which enhances soil health.

Black Soldier Fly Larvae

We serve clients across different markets

Whether you're in need of waste management services, looking to feed your animals with high quality protein, or seeking the finest organic fertiliser for your crops, we've got you covered.

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Organic Waste

Organic Waste Management

6m tonnes of food waste and 1.2m tonnes of agricultural waste go to the landfill every year in Malaysia.

Let's revolutionise this by diverting this waste to become feed for nature's original decomposers - insects. The BSFL we cultivate will happily eat organic waste and upcycle them into nutritious, value-adding products.

Let's change the world together. 

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Animal Feed

The global population is rising and the protein demand is increasing in lockstep. 

Malaysia produces 321m chickens and 400k tonnes of aquaculture annually. 2.4m tonnes of poultry feed and 60k tonnes of fishmeal are required to feed these animals. We need to do this sustainably, without compromising nutrition nor the environment.

Let's go back to feeding our animals with the original source of protein - insects.

Protein for Animals

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Crops are the backbone of Malaysia's economy. But gone are the days where we nurtured our soil naturally. Chemical fertilisers have become the cheapest way to get nutrients into the soil.

A a result, the soil deteriorates and slowly becomes unsuitable for planting, severely affecting the livelihood of already-marginalised farmers.

Let's go back to nourishing our soil with nature's original fertilisers - insects.

Organic Fertiliser for Crops 


SDGs are at the top of our minds

Businesses should protect the communities they operate in. At BioLoop, we realise the need to do better, to contribute to the goal of a better future for all. That's why the UN Sustainable Development Goals are encoded in the company's DNA and in everything we do. 

Zero Hunger

Protecting the security of our food chain & promoting sustainable agriculture

Responsible consumption SDG

Our end-to-end process emphasises on waste minimisation

Climate Action SDG

We divert organic waste from landfills and lower GHG emissions

Life below water SDG

We protect marine biodiversity by reducing wild fish in fishmeal

Life on land SDG

We reduce deforestation by replacing soy in chicken feed


Meet The Team

Mah Jun Kit

Mah Jun Kit

CEO & Co-Founder

Amirul Merican

Amirul Merican

COO & Co-Founder

Prior to co-founding BioLoop, Amirul spent two years at Accenture's Strategy and Consulting Division as an Analyst. He graduated from the University of Cambridge in Mechanical Engineering and Energy, Sustainability & the Environment (MEng, BA).

Before returning to Malaysia, Jun Kit worked with Leif Capital and Barclays Ventures in London. He holds a BEng in Chemical Engineering from University College London and an MSc in Climate Change, Management & Finance from Imperial College London.

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